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Flat Tire Change

Flat tire occurrences are much less common then they use to be, this is thanks to improved road conditions as well as hi-tech, hi quality tires. If in the past anyone who drove an automobile was likely to encounter a flat tire at least once a year, today statistics show that this will happen once every three to four years. Still, once you are faced with a flat tire you are immobilized just the same.

We at Metro Towing are ready to provide you with a flat tire change service unparalleled in efficiency, our honest billing policy means we offer competitive rates. You can count on us to have you back on track as quickly as humanly possible.

No Trivial Task

Almost anyone with a driving license has been taught, as some point, how to perform a flat tire change. Just because you were shown how to do it, or even practiced it in controlled circumstances, in no way means that you can safely complete a flat tire change in a real life situation.

Tires on modern cars are fitted very securely, lifting the car is tricky when parked on less than ideal terrain, passing traffic may pose a serious hazard.
Even if doing it yourself is an option, the length of time it will take and how dirty it leaves you are good reasons to call in professional techs and allow them to change the flat tire for you.

Professional Service at Unbeatable Rates

At Metro Towing Garland we pride ourselves at offering the most professional roadside assistance services for the lowest possible rates, our flat tire change service is no exception.
If you are faced with a flat tire, anywhere in or in the vicinity of Garland,  your best option is to give Our 24/7 dispatch a call.  We guarantee a speedy response, once our techs are on the scene they will solve the situation for you quicker than you could hope for.

At Metro Towing we value you time and take pleasure in being able to assist. We know how frustrating being stranded on the road with a disabled vehicle is. Performing a flat tire change is something all our techs are well versed at, we will be happy to assist you too.

We offer comprehensive roadside assistance services including:

  • Flat tire change
  • Battery jump start
  • Dead battery replacement
  • Gas filling
  • Auto locksmith services
  • On or off road recovery
  • Any other type of assistance you may require

We also perform any and all kinds of towing.


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