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Heavy Duty Towing – World Class Towing Specialists

Towing heavy vehicles requires expert handling, the forces exerted are so great that mistakes can easily results in severe damage to the vehicle towed, the tow truck or anything else in the vicinity. The danger of bodily harm is also substantially greater than with medium or light duty towing.
Heavy duty towing is done using powerful tow trucks rigged in a way enabling them to lift and tow the wide range of large, heavy vehicles encountered common to this kind of towing jobs.

At Metro Towing Garland we regularly provide heavy duty towing services to the local community, we poses both the necessary know how and equipment. We allow only experienced tow techs who have undergone the training called for to carry out heavy duty towing jobs.
In this way we ensure both safety and efficiency, no easy matter where these kinds of jobs are concerned.

Types of Vehicles Which require Heavy Duty Towing

In heavy duty towing we encounter a wide range of vehicles, from minibuses through mobile homes, RVs, trucks, semi-tractor trailers and other types of large, heavy mammoths on wheels.
These vehicles are very different than the sedans and minivans, common to light and medium duty towing. Just like with the driving of large, heavy vehicles, towing them is also a completely different ball game.

Why Choose Metro Towing Garland

When you need to have a heavy vehicle towed you ought to consider the type of service you should receive in order to ensure the job gets done properly. The towing of such vehicles must be carried out professionally, the incredible forces exerted make any mistake a dangerous one.
At Metro Towing we operate heavy duty tow trucks manned by expert, well trained, highly experienced tow techs. We are at the ready 24/7 all year round and are proud to offer just the kind of service you deserve. Couple that with our honest pricing policy and unbeatable fast response times and you get the best possible heavy duty towing package you could hope for.

We Offer The Following Towing Service:

  • Light and medium duty towing
  • Local and long distance towing
  • Flat bed towing
  • Tow with dolly
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Emergency towing
  • Any other towing job you may challenge us with

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